A Farewell to Earle Hughie Croft

Croft woodpile

Croft truck

BY Dave Walsh

The first Winter I spent in West Dublin I bought a chord of firewood from Earle. He arrived in the morning just as the sun rose with half chord. He explained because he didn’t know me he would need half the money up front—in the past he had trouble with payments.

The next day I stopped by with the money in hand. He thanked me and I thanked him. He showed up later that afternoon with the remanding half cord of firewood. I was standing outside with him and he told me that if I ever wanted to sit and chat that he would always be at the woodpile.

Earle was one of the first West Dubliners I met upon moving here. I never stopped by and chatted with him after I bought that firewood, but I always waved as I passed by and he waved back. I will truly miss seeing his wood pile growing and shrinking as the seasons pass.  Rest in Peace Earle.


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