A walk through West Dublin

BY Klarka Weinwurm

A purgatory for bakery to beach goers; West Dublin spans about 2 km of road along hwy 331 between the mini townships of Dublin Shore and Crescent Beach. There are the obvious houses that line the main route and trickle up and down lanes. There are cabins hidden by protected tree lines, homemade businesses, 3 churches, 2 cemetaries  and a community hall that holds markets and music happenings. This is one vision of our district whereas the other is much more romantic. The other is workers and young hip folks, mothers and grandfathers and rough handed woodpile artisans. The sounds of diesel engines coughing up huey lake rd and toads that bellow in the pond, grateful for spring. There’s the foghorn’s breathe of warning for sailors travelling at night and talk of cougars on a hidden quarry of skyscraping boulders. A perfect view from certain hilltops and discovering abandoned buildings with hidden stories of past cod production.

Walking through West Dublin painted out a lot small unique moments in an otherwise large and busy world. That is the point, this is the point. Something to remind us of whats important and beautiful when life gets ugly.

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