Ask A LaHave Bakery Girl 2


Erin Burke

Erin, originally from Lunenburg, now lives in Cherry Hill. She’s been working at the bakery for three years.When asked what she likes best about it. she says it’s her boss, Gael. “She’s kind, generous and treats you like a person, not just an employee.” Every year, Gael gives the entire staff a special present. “Last Christmas she gave everyone down-filled pillows, and when it’s your birthday, she commissions an original portrait by a local artist. She gives great presents, but that’s not the reason I like her,” says Erin, who also loves the silly bakery traditions, “I love that there are so many funny names for rooms and places within the bakery. (the dungeon, the bird room, the summer kitchen, the Friendly Giant room, the hole…) When we communicate with each other and refer to these rooms, I often notice funny looks on customers faces.”

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