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Carol Marrow

We tried to Ask A LaHave River Ferryman but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time. Then we thought it might be nice to Ask A LaHave Bakery Girl, but the place was bustling and we didn’t want to bother them. The LaHave Craft Co-op was busy too, but thankfully artist Carol Marrow was gracious enough to be asked and answer.


Carol moved down to Lunenburg in 2004 and gradually established a studio. She has been making her whole life and has been a member of the Co-op the last four or five seasons. She makes beautiful ceramic plaques, tiles, Christmas ornaments, vases, backsplashes and commissions, some using her magical Smoke Firing technique.


We always ask the Ferryman for their craziest ferry story and they never tell us. When we asked Carol if anything crazy ever happened at the Co-op, she shared this sweet story instead. Every year a group of four women come on an annual road trip down our Lighthouse Route to do their Christmas shopping. They load up on stuff and it’s always fun when they’re around.

Which makes sense, really. The Craft Co-Op features all local artists and original work. You couldn’t find a collection like it anywhere else in the world. We wonder what we’ll give for Christmas this year.

You can learn more about Carol’s work at

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