Ask A LaHave River Ferryman 4


Tom Mercer

Tom is 53 and has been working the ferry for four years. Prior, he did 12 years as a diesel mechanic and 20 years deep sea fishing before that. Folks told him the job would be boring, but it’s anything but. We try to get gossip out of the ferrymen but they remain tight-lipped. Tom says you see all kinds of stuff, including strange lights in the night sky and that it’s the people that make being a ferryman a great job. He loves the area with all its beautiful attractions and working busy afternoons. After a little prodding, he did mention that on one miserable, rainy day he hauled on comedian Ron James and let him know that we call those conditions Nova Scotia sunshine. Ron cracked up, and let out a weird laugh like a seal! Tom would like to thank the ferry customers, the greatest bunch of people in the world. And we thank Tom too.

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