Beachboy’s Fun & Games 3

Beachboy’s Fun & Games for Everyday Special People in the Age of Madness: Bonmots & Platitudes of Deeper Meaning than Expected

BY BeachBoy @ Creative Works

Beachboy’s Fun & Games for Everyday Special People in the Age of Madness: Bonmots & Platitudes of Deeper Meaning than Expected

Summer is coming to the end again—amazing how this sort of déjà vu experience happens every year, eih…we don’t want to know about it during the short summer season, but here it is—like clockwork.

Labour Day behind us. Cooler winds are blowing the sand in your eyes, can’t lie around all toasty on the beach anymore. Well…and just as much like clockwork we are looking at another war again, déjà vu all over again.

Iraq is still reeling from the killing, Afghanistan is not finished, but ‘we’, led by Obama, have to go killing somewhere else again. Canada is a good vassal in this, too, supporting the war mongers in Washington. Assad is supposed to get punished for allegedly killing his people with gas, WMD!

Hey, do you get this? “The creep—let’s hit the Syrian people with missiles, that’ll teach him!” Huhhhh? Am I missing something? Kill a bunch of innocent people to ‘punish’ Assad, and to prove our moral character…? And to be sure: “We’ll ‘tailor’ the missile attack (meaning nobody gets hurt?—sure), in fact, we actually don’t really want to achieve any ‘regime change’… and not to favour the rebel factions either, cause, you know, them’s Al Qaeda types—and we don’t like them, that’s official…so we’ll just say it’s a gesture of our moral excellence, and an expression of our displeasure.

Yeahhh, that’s it. Oh, and ‘sorry’ to the families of the scores of dead people. ‘Collateral damage’ ya know. What’s the point? Believe it or not, they do this in our name! And since the whole thing is not even about ‘high morality’—especially believable coming from the country of Agent Orange and spent uranium weapons aplenty—but about Israel itching to get at Iran in the mayhem that is sure to follow an attack, while we—the ‘West’—make ourselves targets again for bombs on trains, and on and on…

A little advice to people now pushing to kill again big time: Don’t be daft, folks. We know your rotten ways. The jig is up. No glory to be had here. War is the enemy. Just remember: ‘He, who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.’—Tragically, many others, too. Not in my name. I’m going to the beach. Cool or not.

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