Beachboy’s Fun & Games 5

By BeachBoy @ Creative Works

Did you catch this one? I actually had to get off the beach, when I heard the news today. Some things are too much, really. As the saying goes: “Two things are certain: death and taxes.” Now Harper has apparently ordered the CRA tax police to threaten charities like OXFAM and churches with loss of their tax-free status, if they continue to work for the poor!

Wait a minute. Isn’t that the reason they exist? So, what else would they be doing then? Working for the rich? Help the billionaires with second hand clothes, so they look half decent in court, making more millions from their vulture funds? Soup kitchens delivering caviar and champagne to the villas of the stationary overfed?

Seems Harper isn’t happy with criticism of his behaviour from these institutions. Aren’t Canadians known to be proud of their charity groups? I can hardly contain myself at this outrageous story.I’m off to the beach again—save my soul —but without a radio this time, so I can keep that bad Ottawa smell far away from me. Might be time to get out the pitch forks out.

—BeachBoy @ Creative Works

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