BY Klarka Weinwurm

Water, tell me the story of your travels?
What whales, what boats have you greeted along the way?
What weight have you dragged with you this time?

This mark is the end of your line,
you push back and begin again like a swimmer doing laps in a pool.
Gather this wind and take it back home.

A filter of oxygen.
Trees rock and cradle with each gust.
Protect this cabin with your fibers!

Knit a weave tight enough to protect our shelter!
The windows shiver with each hit like an aggressive one-sided conversation.
Protect the insides, the heart, the woodstove!

Our Insides are strong,
built from instincts of ancestry and stories sent through bloodlines.
A mother’s love travels through this wind and makes a home in these hands.
Each sun tans another memory and protects the trust of distance.
It’s all for a better life, for endless possibilities, for spark!

Send this wisdom into the wind.
Let it bring us comfort, safety and trust.
A reminder to dance with the current
and land where you will.

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