CFAs Who Are Here to Stay

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BY Bernice Lacasse-Waters

I wish to share our journey with my new neighbours on the South Shore. My husband Craig and I have been to the Maritimes many times, over many years. We dreamt and spoke of living here, retiring here, and growing our own food and homesteading here.

We found our homestead in Conquerall Bank, a small farm to grow our food and lives. We knew that if we were to make this significant shift then we had to go where our hearts led us… the sea.

I often find myself sitting on the dock at the LaHave Bakery with a warm cup of coffee letting the breeze both cool and rejuvenate my countenance as I rest my tired and often hot limbs after digging and working at the house. This where we head for our outings and where we made our home.

It is indeed the sea air that lends itself to this remarkable ability to bring life into balance. I may write in a dreamy and flowery way at this point but the reality of the experience is genuine for me. No false imaginings here, we know we have much to do as we bring our old home to its growing potential. This is our choice and we are ready for it.

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