Code of Ethics

Statement of Purpose
The West Dublin Monitor is a free seasonal publication that aims to provide a place for the open expression of members of the South Shore LaHave River communities.

The purposes of the West Dublin Monitor are:

  • to present an alternative to the traditional and commercial press.
  • to provide South Shore LaHave River residents with a forum in which they can inclusively contribute to public dialogue.
  • to foster a sense of community by encouraging South Shore LaHave River residents to
    contribute ideas, writing, illustrations, photos &cmore.

The Fine Print
The West Dublin Monitor will never falsify information or knowingly plagiarize. We define plagiarism as the presentation of the work of another author in such a way as to give one’s reader reason to think it to be one’s own.

Contributors are accountable to their readers and to each other. Contributors are responsible for checking facts and sources before they are printed, if applicable.

Contributors must take immediate steps to correct error, misrepresentation and plagiarism and print a letter of apology to West Dublin Monitor readers in the event of plagiarism, non-satirical falsification or serious factual misrepresentation.

We strive to treat our contributors and general audience with respect. The West Dublin Monitor will not accept submissions that are offensive: racist, sexist, ablist, agist, homophobic, &c.

The copyright of submitted work remains with the contributor.

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