Editorial 06

We’re told print media is a thing of the past. Media headlines themselves often declare the end of newspapers in favour of digital devices. And it’s true, the world wide web is a wonderful thing. We’re happy to host all our content on WestDublin.ca and connect on our Facebook page.

But then again, there’s something about paper.

Maybe you’re reading the Monitor in print right now. You can take in a whole spread at once, lush with variety, and marvel away as the creative expression of your friends and neighbours interacts on the page. Perhaps you’re admiring our fine paper choice or enjoying unfolding the top from the bottom or flipping from front to back. You might be waiting for lunch or sitting on the john. And don’t forget about how important this issue might be come winter, when it will make fine kindling for the woodstove.

We’re a community newsletter and to us that means being accessible with or without an internet connection. We feel it’s part of the South Shore spirit. We pride ourselves on hard work and quality. We don’t let go of the old ways quietly. Here’s to print media: a great way to share, alongside the internet.


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