Editorial 10

This one is for the transition from Summer to Fall. Admit it. It’s your favourite time of year. The true new year, when things get done; back to school or indoor projects. There’s that crisp smell in the air, perfect temperatures (pants and sweater, no hat or cloves). The bugs are dying down, out come the crickets, melons, pears, parsnips and gourds. Here’s to a healthy and happy Autumn. —JR+RR

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Handmade shoes1

A Step in the Wrong Direction?
In a recent issue, Mikell Herrick of Dunedin, Florida shared her story of discovering Barbara Holzmark and connecting her with shoes she’s worn for years. Barbara tells us she has never made shoes in that style. We hope that next time the shoe fits and wish Mikell luck in finding her enchanted shoemaker. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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