The Avril Arrow

the avril arrow

BY Andrew Maize

The Avril Arrow marries two canadian icons,  who go the distance, the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow fighter jet and Avril Lavigne, Canadian pop-punk star.

The proud Canadian wet-dreams of what the Avro Arrow could have been still linger today, 50+ years on. The Arrow, once “considered to be both an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry” was cancelled in 1957 by newly elected Progressive Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. (Wikipedia) Today, Harper’s federal government is under scrutiny for “publicly low-balling  and not following proper procedures” (CBC)  in the acquisitions of the new the multibillion-dollar F-35 fighter Jets.  In the midst of the this scandal, there have been calls by officials, including one of Canada’s top soldiers are proposing to revive the Arrow instead in buying the American Lockheed Martin F-35. Check it here

Avril Lavigne recently announced here engagement to Chad Kroeger, front man for the Canadian Super Rock/Grunge band Nickelback. You know who these two are, million dollar canuck-vomit-rockers sterilised and professionally packaged in an all american power-cord. Apparently now called Chavril.  (sounds like a drug)

Check out the tweets

It began as a pun, but in merging these two contemporary Canadian obsessions into one icon,  perhaps we begin to question our bright stars and the perilous fight, true patriot love, and what exactly we’re standing on guard for or from.

Will they go the distance?!

Andrew Maize is currently studying aeronautics in Lunenburg.  If you are interested flying then please find him.

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