The Lighthouse Story


BY Rosalie Harmon

I started drawing when I was in my teens. I like to draw. It’s relaxing and if I can’t get it the way I want, I’ll take a break, go back and try again later.

This is a lighthouse somewhere on the coast. Sarah and Tim want Jim nearby. Jim has to radio for a Coast Guard helicopter to come out and pick him up. He has to go back to the mainland to get supplies before the storm hits.

Jim also has to see Rob. Jim will be buying a few head of cattle from him. Ralph, the neighbour past Rob’s, about a half mile down the road, has sheep and goats.

A year ago, Ralph fell off his house roof and broke his leg. Jim made arrangements for his two sons to fly off out and run the farm for Ralph. Jim will not have to pay for the sheep and goats in exchange for his son’s help.

Jim hopes that Ralph will still be able to take all the livestock on his barge down the coast. Jim has 72 hours. He has to get all this done and back out to the lighthouse before the storm.

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