The School Beat 3

BY Leif Helmer

In past articles in this column we have covered the idea of a community hub school and provided an update on the status for such a school proposed for the Pentz and Petite school communities.

One of the central concepts of the community hub school model is community use of schools. We often think of this as evening or weekend activities or events such as brownies, cubs, fitness classes and school concerts. But what about the summer months, and using the facility during this fun time of year?

Summer use of schools is right around the corner, and at Petite Riviere Elementary School it includes a great deal of exciting opportunities again this year.

There is a long tradition of summer recreation programs for kids at Petite and this year the municipal recreation team is leading a weekly soccer skills session every Monday at 6pm. It begins the second week of June and continues through early August.  This weekly activity benefits from having as many participants as possible, so contact MODL Recreation to register and take part.

A new event is the Petite Culinary camp, a one day fun event happening through the municipality in July. It promises to be a fun day of learning kitchen basics, from choosing a menu to preparing ingredients to plating the meal!

An ongoing point of pride for Petite Riviere Elementary is the greenhouse and garden which have just received a further boost of effort from a supportive group of volunteers. The beds have all been weeded, edged, enriched, and turned. The greenhouse has been thoroughly cleaned and readied for seedlings (now emerging). Extensive fencing is in place, and an old pathway was been uncovered and made new again. All in all, the garden holds its annual promise to deliver fresh foods grown on the school grounds. All that is required is some summer tending, and if you are interested in taking a turn please get in touch with the school.

New ideas for kids camps are coming forward as local leaders in arts and culture are working up possible day camps for music and for art. With skillful adult leadership, from teachers and leaders in the arts and culture scene, these new opportunities are promising whether they come together this year, or in the future.

As a functioning community school it is key that we support the enhanced use of our school, from September to June and in the summer months as well. Have a great summer, and enjoy your time on the school grounds when you have the chance!

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