The Tiny Home Solution


BY Alex Hickey

I wrote in the West Dublin Monitor last summer that I was contemplating giving up my car, but in the end, I couldn’t do it. It was too much to face living in a rural community without the freedom and independence that a car provide.

But something had to change if I was going to be able to afford to keep living here, and so, instead of giving up my car, I gave up electricity and running water. I moved into an off-grid Tiny Home which I have dubbed Wholehearted House.

The opportunity to buy my tiny home, a converted 35-foot camper trailer, arose rather suddenly last December and I jumped at it. Some friends invited me to park my home on their land and I moved in at the end of March. It was a cold welcome to my new home but I survived with donations of firewood from friends and help to cut the little bit of wood I had left so it would fit into my new tiny woodstove.

Right now my home and I are enjoying our sweet summer heyday. I have a propane stove or barbecue to cook on instead of a firepit, but otherwise life in my tiny home is similar to the car-camping I’ve known and loved in the past, only better. There are cool breezes, very quiet starlit nights and soft, dewy mornings. And there is also my own bed and all the comforts of home.

I have a wired office in another building where I can do my graphic design and typesetting work and charge up my laptop, cellphone and LED lantern (the only electrical devices I use in the tiny house). There is manual labour to do around the property and many volunteer commitments around the community. I am both busy and contented. And I actually have a little money in the bank.

The true test will come this winter. I don’t know yet if I can keep the tiny home warm enough to live there comfortably year-round, but I’m going to find out. Keep up with my tiny home (and other) adventures on my blog:

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