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BY Alex Godbold, NDP

As a parent and a high school teacher, I worry about the future we are handing to the next generation: precarious employment, growing income inequality, a struggling health care system, a worsening relationship with indigenous peoples, civil rights under attack and erosion of environmental protections. We need fresh ways of thinking to keep young people in our communities, attract immigrants, stimulate the economy, and provide a decent of standard of living for everyone. We must work with our strengths: our forests, fishery, local food production, renewable energy resources (wind, sun and tide), and our fabulous natural environment that makes us a tourist mecca and preferred home to so many. Tom Mulcair’s plan provides the change we need: affordable childcare, a shift toward a green economy, protection of pensions and EI, help for small businesses and other job creators, and election reforms to make your vote count. Together, we can make our federal government our ally as we strive to improve our lot.

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BY Bernadette Jordan, Liberal

Improving the daily lives of Canadians will only be achieved by making smart investments that create jobs, protect our environment and strengthen and grow the middle class. The Liberal plan for the economy is progressive, and promotes prosperity for all Canadians by investing in our communities and in our families. A historic commitment to infrastructure will create thousands of jobs while enhancing public transit, social and green infrastructure. Our program will build roads, bridges, wastewater facilities, climate resilient structures and flood protection projects. It will build affordable housing, recreation and senior’s facilities, enriching the quality of life in our communities. Our Canada Child Benefit will give families monthly cheques (non-taxable, by the way!) to help with the growing cost of raising children. We will pay for this by ending tax breaks for millionaires and costly programs like income splitting. This is the change that will grow our economy and invest in our middle class. This is the Liberal plan. This is real change.

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